The Automobile engine is generally about 18 to 25 % efficient as is shown in the following illustration published by the Environmental Protection Agency. Numerous efforts to recover these losses and tranform these into added motive power have not been successful to date.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Engine Development Corp is to design and demonstrate a workable engine that recovers and transforms these losses into additional motive powe,r thus dramatically increasing the engine efficiency as well as providing efficient multifuel capability.

A Patent Pending Design is currently being fabricated that not only resolves these problems but also paves the way to the use of Bio-Fuels.

Is 80 to 100 MPG possible, we believe the answer is Yes.

By recovering the waste energy (68 to 72 %) and using that energy to add this energy to the engine efficiency it is possible to achieve.

20 years of research and prototype testing have resulted in the present engine design and will soon be demonstrated.

What about Electric Cars?  How will it compare?

Studies vary widely as to the operational cost of electric cars depending on the cost of electricity in the area. However, the fuel costs generally for electric cars exceed the cost compared to gasoline artmobiles. Some studies show that the cost per mile of electric cars are as much as 50% higher. Other studies show electric cars somewhat cheaper depending on the area how the charging is done. (Home or commercial charging stations) These studies do not include the initial cost and other factors such as battery replacement etc.

In any case, at 80 to 100 mpg, the present engine is a game changer.

How about the environmental impact?

The present design lends itself to new and more effective emission controls as well as substantial overall reduction of fuel usage thereby reducing emissions per mile.

Transition to renewable fuels.

The present engine design readily operates on a wide variety of either liquid or gas fuels. Therefore, as renewable fuels are available, the engine will operate with equal efficiency on any type of combustible fuel or even mixtures of the same.  As long as it will burn it can be put into the tank and the engine will operate on it efficiently.

It is possible with the proper delivery system to switch between liquid or gas without engine interruption.